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North Ridge Elementary School

Mrs. Quintero's kindergartners
TK at work.
Will crayons melt in this heat?  Yes!
Mrs. Tulp's 3rd graders

Rocket Day & Rocket Night

North Ridge Rocket Days began in Spring 2002. Since then students have learned about the math and science involved in rocketry and have had fun building, testing, and launching their own age appropriate rockets. 

In Spring 2005, a Family Rocket Night was added to the event. Every May, 80-120 families build and decorate an Alpha rocket which they bring out on a beautiful Friday evening to launch on the playing field. Families bring blankets, lawn chairs, and extended family to picnic on the field while watching the launches. 

Thank you to the awesome North Ridge PTA and Booster Club for their continuing support of these fabulous STEM events. Additional thanks go to the enthusiastic parents and staff who donate their time and expertise to create exciting, engaging activities for our students.