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North Ridge Elementary School

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School Profile

School Profile
This year will be North Ridge’s 28th year in existence. We will serve over 750 students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school has one full time Principal, one half time Assistant Principal, 29 classrooms teachers, 2 resource specialists, 1 school psychologist (50%), 1 speech/language specialist, 2 English Language instructional aides, 2 resource aides, 1 School Secretary, 2 Clerks, 1 health technician, 1 librarian/media clerk, 3 full time custodians, 2 cafeteria workers, and 4 noon duty aides. Our student population is culturally diverse and is drawn from throughout the City of Moreno Valley. All parents must complete an Inter-District transfer to be considered for placement at North Ridge Magnet School.

School Hours

1st-5th Grade Instruction………………….……7:50 AM - 2:20 PM
Full Day Kindergarten......................................7:50 AM - 2:05 PM
Transitional Kindergarten……………………...10:44 AM - 2:05 PM

Office Hours

Our school office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM during all school days. We are closed weekends and school holidays.

Arrival/Dismissal Time

No cost breakfast is served in the Multipurpose Room from 7:15 – 7:45 AM (Grade Kindergarten-5th). Students eating breakfast at school must not arrive before 7:15 AM. Students not eating breakfast may not arrive any earlier than 7:45 AM. Supervision is not provided before that time. Students (1-5th grades) are dismissed at 2:20 PM and must exit the campus immediately. Failure to pick up or to make arrangements for the pick up of a child may result in the school calling either the police department or Child Protective Services and the parent charged with negligence. There is no supervision provided for students who return to campus after school.

School Entrances

The school gates will be opened before school at 7:15 AM and reopened at 2:20 for dismissal. During all hours, visitors and students need to enter the school through the front office.

Visitors/Volunteers at School

Visitors are welcome at school between the hours of 7:50 AM and 2:20 PM. Arrangements need to be made in advance so that the classroom is not disturbed. All visitors must stop in the office upon arrival at school to sign in and receive a visitor's pass. There are several reasons for doing this. The office needs to know what parents are on campus in case there is an emergency. There are occasions when an unscheduled visit to the classroom might be inappropriate. An acceptable time for a visit for the purpose of observation is 20 minutes. If a parent visits your classroom and does not have a visitors pass, please redirect the parent to the office.

Parents that wish to volunteer in the classroom must complete MVUSD Volunteer Procedures. Please direct them to the office to receive this information.