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About our School

Picture of North Ridge Elementary School
Picture of North Ridge students engaging in STEAM learning.

North Ridge Elementary is recognized for the second time as a  California Distinguished Schools

In 2020, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond honored 323 elementary schools under the  California Distinguished Schools Award Program. Sponsored by the California Department of Education and presented by California Casualty, the program recognizes outstanding education programs and practices.

Schools are awarded for closing the achievement gap and for achieving exceptional student performance. Distinguished School awardees represent examples of not just excellent teaching, learning, and collaboration, but also highly successful school climate efforts ranging from real-time conflict resolution to positive behavior intervention.

We are proud that this was the second time North Ridge Elementary School has been given this honor.  

“These outstanding schools don’t just educate students; they also provide the young people of California the tools they need to be successful after graduation,” Thurmond said. “Thanks go to all the staff at these schools—teachers, administrators, classified employees—and parents, who are working together to provide high-quality educational experiences for all of their students.”

A component of the California School Recognition Program, the Distinguished Schools program recognizes schools based on performance and progress on the state indicators as specified on the California School Dashboard. Indicators include test scores, suspension rates, and conditions and climate. Elementary schools and middle and high schools are recognized in alternate years; therefore, awardees hold the title for two years.


- Vision Statement and Goals –

North Ridge, the Home of the Road Runners

Our Vision for North Ridge Elementary School is to work cooperatively as staff, students, parents, and community to provide a safe and positive environment; recognizing the uniqueness of all. Our commitment is to provide a challenging STEAM curriculum while encouraging continuous learning and developing responsible citizens for the 21st Century through career and college readiness.


Since the first day it opened in 1982, North Ridge Elementary School was created as a magnet school that has focused on science, space exploration, technology, and math.  It was honored by being named a NASA Exploratory school, where students worked on experiments that were sent into space.  The school is the home to the  M.E.S.A., Model Environmental Science Area, a garden/pond oasis for students to study and observe nature.  Students are able to study plants, habitats,  and enjoy the wildlife around them, without leaving the school grounds.

We are proud that North Ridge has been a pioneer in understanding the importance of a S.T.E.A.M.-based curriculum  long before educators/experts recognized the many potential benefits.  Studies have shown that students attending elementary schools that focus of on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum, are better prepared for the 21st Century jobs that will be available to them once they finish their studies. 

In addition to learning the basics, North Ridge students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as they are exposed to complex challenges and encouraged to develop innovative solutions using a variety of tools and resources. This also promotes creativity and innovation, as students are encouraged to experiment and explore different ideas and approaches.

Another benefit of North Ridge's emphasis on a S.T.E.A.M. curriculum, it  helps students develop a strong foundation in STEM subjects, which are increasingly important for success in the 21st century workforce. By providing early exposure to these subjects and helping students develop a love for them, S.T.E.A.M. programs can help prepare students for future academic and career opportunities in fields such as engineering, technology, and science.

S.T.E.A.M. programs can also promote collaboration and teamwork, as students are often required to work together on projects and tasks that require different skill sets and perspectives. This can help students develop social and emotional skills such as communication and empathy, which are essential for success both in school and in life.

Finally,  by attending North Ridge,  students will be inspired to pursue their passions and interests, whether that be in art, science, or any other field. By exposing students to a wide range of subjects and activities, S.T.E.A.M. programs can help them discover their strengths and interests and set them on a path towards fulfilling careers and lives.


Creating a safe and supportive school

North Ridge's Commitment to the

4 B's

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Kind

Be Safe

Who We Serve

North Ridge serves over 700 students from grades TK-5th grade.  All parents/guardians must fill out an Intra-district Transfer form in order to attend. 

Student Group Number Percentage
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 554 77.3%
Emergent Bilinguals
(English Learners)
76 10.6%
Students with Disabilities 105 14.6%
Students in Foster Care 4 0.1%

*These numbers reflect the 2021-2022 report on Dataquest. DataQuest is the California Department of Education’s web-based data reporting system for publicly reporting information about California students, teachers, and schools. 

Ethnicity Number Percentage
African American 78 10.9%
American Indian or Alaska Native 1 0.1%
Asian 12 1.7%
Filipino 5 0.7%
Hispanic or Latino 460 64.2%
Pacific Islander 2 0.3%
White 118 16.5%
Two or More Races 29 4.0%
Not Reported 12 1.7%

*These numbers reflect the 2021-2022 report on Dataquest. DataQuest is the California Department of Education’s web-based data reporting system for publicly reporting information about California students, teachers, and schools.